Uncover Secrets of Famen-Si’s Hidden Treasure Masterpieces

Uncover Secrets of Famen-Si’s Hidden Treasure Masterpieces

Laura Maya

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It was an unusual night but  the night  sky   was very bright  as lightning  glazed  across with strong   wind and  brightened  up the sky  that  brought on the  heavy  rainstorm . This happened  at 1:57am on 4 August 1981 which led to the dramatic collapse of the Famen Temple, a 13-storey pagoda in Shaanxi province, China.

As if it was  an indication from  an unknown divine power , the Pagoda starts to crack with one of its side slides down  with  half of the pagoda standing , the pagoda was in vain  trying to highlight to  the world  of its refusal  to fall, with its clear intention  to protect  its underground crypt below .

This incident   caught  and  drew universal attention around the world  when  news broke out the following day. 

Like a tale straight out from a fantasy  story , a sealed and forgotten underground  palace  was discovered after the pagoda on top of it finally  totally collapsed.collapsed. Inside the crypt , one chamber led to another, revealing hidden treasures that had not been seen for more than 1,000 years.it resulted in the discovery of forgotten treasure dating from the Tang dynasty and  beyond 

Over the centuries, the idea of such a palace existing within the temple grounds turned into myth. Many had beleived buddhist veneration ritual did took place at the temple before ,but subject of  hidden treasure has been  common  folk's  rumours, and temple performing   rituals  were  common in those days  especially before  the suppressive political movements, but since no one could find it, the story was discounted.

Even  when it was rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty at the same location, it was never found then  as archaeologist found a different base  foundation and built over  the  original base . Therefore there was No record of the  Underground palace mentioned or ever written in any  historical  document thereafter.

Could The Myth  Be True  ? 

As archaeologists found hidden in the chamber  in a special niche far beneath the rear  chamber's ground  of the palace was another  masterpiece  which  could be over 1700 years old , it is deemed  as the  utmost treasure , which was presented by the Ashoka  King from India

Why  was  this  relic  hidden, 3 decoys  and possibly  replicas  were fabricated by the Tang  to help  keep it hidden About 120 km to the west of Xian lies the  Famen Temple, situated in the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization considered as one of the most revered Buddhist sites in China.  It reached the height of its fame during the Tang dynasty when the chinese together with  the imperial rulers of that era  engaged  and  worshipped  this Buddha's relic  which  possibly  was presented    to China around the beginning of Christianity. Buddhism was carried to Central Asia  where Buddhism was ableto take root, influencing Chinese culture. Its divinity  has been observed  by No less than seven Tang emperors, including Empress Wu Zetian (from 684-705), who were associated with the monastery.


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