The Green Archer

The Green Archer

Edgar Wallace


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“I know all that ‘Who’s Who’ stuff,” said the editor impatiently. “What I want to know is this: Is he the kind of man who is out for publicity? In other words, is the Green Archer a ghost or a stunt?”
Syme reached for a sheet of notepaper and passed it across to the puzzled American. It was a message evidently written by one to whom the rules of English were hidden mysteries:

“Dear sir,
The Green Archer has appeared in Garre Castel. Mr. Wilks the butler saw him. Dear sir, the Green Archer went into Mr. Belamy’s room and left the door open. Also he was seen in the park. All the servants is leaving. Mr. Belamy says he’ll fire anybody who talks about it, but all the servants is leaving.”
“And who in thunder is the Green Archer?” asked Spike wonderingly.
Mr. Syme adjusted his glasses and smiled. Spike was shocked to see him do anything so human.
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