Shielded Heart : How To Stop Yourself From Falling For A Seduction Target

Shielded Heart : How To Stop Yourself From Falling For A Seduction Target

Jack N. Raven



For one reason or another you don't want to fall in and out of love , getting over it for the nth time! You date around, but how do you know to avoid players?

This book is the only book of its kind dealing with this sensitive subject! This will make you invulnerable to strong feelings, in order for you to not fall for a seduction target. If you find yourself falling? The techniques laid our will help you at the very least in getting over someone you have to get rid of.

This is an irreplaceable how-to-book if you are dealing with Players, Gold diggers, Cheaters and even high status seduction targets like Models, Actors/Actresses and any dating prospect, you must exercise strength and resilience against, or else they'll lose respect and interest too quickly, before you have a chance to show them your attractive qualities.

How ironic for these people, you need to remove love to create love!

In the seduction community, one of the understated requisites to Mastery of the game is the ability to fight your own urges to fall in love too easily. A must read if you want to have this requisite skill-set and emotional toughness!

Did you know that a recent study on virtual practice comparing people who actually engaged in real life practice VS people who just virtually practiced and visualized are only 1% deficient in results? The people who actually went out and did it are only 1% better  from the people who just virtual practiced!

Not a lot of difference right?

It takes about 10,000 hours to be a MASTER at any craft. By following the techniques on this book? You can cut that that to a fraction of the time!

You can get more field time/practice time by doing these special techniques-anytime, anywhere!

You can be practicing martial arts, drawing, sky diving, and a thousand other skills you want to master just using your mind and the methods laid out on this book.

Much like in the Matrix where they just download martial arts skills, and the helicopter pilot program-they instantly get that skillt!

This is as close as it gets!

Table of Contents
What is Love and Attraction?
Love versus Lust
Love is Self-Hypnosis
What we resist persists
Emotional Discharge Tools
EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique
Sedona Method
Shock Absorbers
The Medusa Effect
Inventory of Criteria
Coming in with a full cup
Giving Value
Abundance versus Scarcity mentality
Fake it till you make it
Acting as If
The art of not caring
Don’t buy into the hype
Backwards rationalization
Have spare tires

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