Say Goodbye To Stuttering

Say Goodbye To Stuttering

Practical Anti-Stuttering Solutions

Suzzie Santos



Today we're going to explore stuttering and its diverse aspects, including the many different treatment options available to us. In most cases stuttering is a psychological disorder which means there is nothing physically wrong with them.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover...

Basic Techniques To Control Stutter
Think About What You Wish to Convey
Making and Maintaining Eye Contact
Learning and Applying Deep Breathing to Your Speech
Develop a Great Sense of Humor
Calm Your Nerves
Is Avoidance a Useful Technique?
Practice of Speaking Slowly
How Relaxation Can Help Control Stutter
Does Analyzing Help or Make Stuttering Worse?
Can Medications Help?
Are Speech Therapists Necessary?

And Much Much More...

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