Engineering & Raising Children Who Succeed!

Engineering & Raising Children Who Succeed!

Why Successful Kids Are Made, Not Born

Suzzie Santos



It has been shown many times over in studies, that parents involved in their kids’ education and training have a positive influence on their child success and development. It's reflected in better grades and test scores, solid participation, higher college graduation rates, superior mindsets and behaviors in the child, and the child being more likely to join positive extra-curricular activities.

Send the message early in your child education that your household is involved and active in their learning and development.

If you're too tolerant or expect too little, your child could find himself/herself being a mess or unmotivated. If we're too inflexible and rigorous, it could cause undue tension or cause your child to feel unable to deliver on your expectations.

So what's the best way to bring forth a favorable learning environment for your child at home?

Here is a preview of what you'll soon learn...
The Positive Influence Of Being Involved In Your Child's Education
Raising Children To Succeed
How Do We Define Success?
What Don't Children Need
Expect Only The Best From Your Child
What They Do Need
Safeguard Your Child's Emotional Wellbeing
Creating Your Child's Healthy Sense Of Self Esteem.
Ways To Develop Self Esteem In Your Child
Get Involved In Your Child Activities, Hobbies And School
The Importance Of Crystal-Clear Rules For Your Child
Successful Two-Way Communications With Your Children
Educating Social Skills
The Legacy Of Books
The Power Of Role Models

and much, much more!

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