Astrology In One Sitting

Astrology In One Sitting

Fundamentals Of Astrology For Beginners

Trevor Hawkins



Interested in getting in Astrology to maximize your luck, love, career and be in tune with the stars?
This book is the perfect introduction to do just that!
A book designed specifically for beginners and dabblers, so as not to overwhelm you with too much Astrological computations and data. A book for the dabbler, beginning Astrology student, or just the casual layman interested in learning more about Astrology.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover...

Astrology Basics
The History Of Astrology
The Transition Of Astrology
The Revival
How Does It Work?
Sun Signs: Zodiac Signs Strengths And Weaknesses
Zodiac Sign Houses Basics
What Are The Houses?
Attributes Of Different Zodiac Signs
The Characteristics
Tools Used In Astrology
Astrology Variations By Region
Find Your Future
Astrology And The Western World
Chinese Zodiac System
The Four Elements
Vedic Astrology
Tarot Astrology
and much,much more!

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